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Loneliness (LP)

Track list:

1 - The peace within loneliness
2 - The radical cleansing
3 - An infinite curse
4 - Delivering beasts
5 - This redundant humanity
6 - To demonize the unknown
7 - Smothered by this race
8 - Nature's hatred

Produced by Santiago Kodela.
Tracked, mixed and mastered by Ramiro Pacheco at Muzic Studios.
Artwork and pictures by Rodrigo Valle Ottone.

All music/lyrics by Santiago Kodela.

Session drums by Santiago Sauza.
Guest appearance bass guitars by Federico Gervan.
Guitars and vocals by Santiago Kodela.

"Loneliness" is the debut album for experimental metal band Svet Kant which combines elements of classical music, Gregorian chant, clean and growled vocals; blended with metal, folk, jazz/funk and classical orchestrations/arrangements.


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