"This band is really fu***ng good. Take the ambience of Opeth, some elements of Emperor great guitar work and you have "Loneliness", the bands debut album. Atmospheric, moody guitar pieces with clean/death vocals abound. Songs are Opeth like in length and are enchanting and well thought out. Definitely check this band out. You'll be glad you did." 


"...the quality of the mixing and mastering add to the impression that this aural content is a live, pulsating, angry beast. Regardless of the systematic interchanges between clean and distorted sections, the flow of the music within this album is less like an eagle, and more like a pissed off rhinoceros. Angry sounding metal? Absolutely, but it is tempered expertly by its creators.

Svet Kant reminds me of a mix of Dream Theatre, Periphery, and a few of the nu metal bands from the early ‘00s. Constantly adapting time signatures, key changes, chromatic passages galore, this is thoroughly through-composed material. It’s incredibly refreshing.

This music is characteristic of a band that genuinely doesn’t care about the musical expectations from the world around it.

It is far too brutal for that; and more power to them for that."


"I'm one of those persons that are constantly looking for new music; from all the things I listen there are some to forget instantly and some that are worth keeping, and I can say sincerely this piece of art has captivated me and I love it.  Svet Kant is a band that has a lot to offer, and even though they didn't invent anything new, their debut record is honest, straight forward and convincing.  

...if you didn't like it at the first time I suggest you give it another try, if you are not used to this kind of music it will be harsh, but in the end the surprise will be even better."

ISAAC CASTELLON - Independent Art Consultant (MX)